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Posted on 10/5/2022

One star because I cant give zero

Received a loan, needed to change my account info and they refused to help via their support email and made me call (during my work day after they called my phone and my work phone over and over) So I finally called and explained the situation, they transferred me and the guy was a complete ******** he accused me of not wanting to repay the loan, was very aggressive and accusatory. Refused to do what I wanted, kept making me repeat why hoping my story would change so he could catch me in a lie and after 10 minutes of him being verbally abusive and aggressive and accusatory he pushed my payment back so I could figure out my account. (wasnt the outcome I asked for but I said fine just to get off the phone with him). Well the date they pushed it to didnt line up with my paychecks so now I emailed them to push my payment back just 1 day so the funds came out of my account on my actual payday. Again they refused to do it via their support email and are forcing me to call (during my work day). Why have a support email if you refuse to use it for support? Now I am going to have to call and probably get transferred to this jerk again and have him belittle me over moving my payment back just 1 day. Keep in mind I had previous loans with them that I paid off immediately. Yet they still treat me like I am scamming them. I guess its like a cheating girlfriend... when they cheat they accuse you of cheating.. since this company scams you, they accuse you of scamming them. absolutely the worst experience ever! Please, use one of the many other small installment loan companies if you need a loan in a pinch with less than ideal credit. I do not want anyone to deal with what I have had to with this company. Keep in mind they are not a Better Business Bureau company either so you cannot report them. That alone should be a red flag. please read this review before using this company and RUNNNNN!!!!!!

Posted on 4/14/2022

Don't use this company !!

I got a loan from them for 200 called the next day to change my card payment on file and they canceled the loan . They told me because I didn't want to pay the loan back.. this place is a scam .. run away from as fast as you can