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Posted on 1/25/2019

Disappointed and Unhappy in Escondido

We were working with Jeff Prohasky of Dovelending Group for a cashout refi. Things looked promising and we were happy with the customer service we were getting, especially with Jeff's service. I checked their website and was amazed that there's not bad review/complaint ...... until NOW. Because prices of houses started to come down by Sept/Oct, our loan didnt pushed through (not enough home equity). So we turned to "streamlined refinance." My husband was a VA veteran and little did we know that we had to wait after our 6-month payment before we could proceed with the refinance. It's a matter of keeping us informed as Clients, whether it's doable or not. We were mislead. When the refi-cashout didn't work out, we thought we're still ok with streamlined refi since we didn't hear from our agent, Jeff Prohasky, that it's NOT DOABLE. When it was time to process our paperwork for the streamlined-refi, we stopped hearing from him - TOTALLY ABANDONED US. We emailed him once, twice and no response. He must be TOTALLY EMBARRASSED THAT HE AND HIS COMPANY COULDN'T DELIVER. My husband and I (especially me since I was the contact person and I dealt with Jeff most of the time of our loan) wouldn't be writing this BAD REVIEW if .... IF ONLY JEFF WAS HONEST ENOUGH WITH US. He could have said they're sorry but they can't help us further. That's all what we want to hear from them. So ....... NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUST ANY AGENT/MORTGAGE until the documents have been signed, the loan has funded and everyone is happy. Remember the mortgage name (DOVE LENDING GROUP) and it's agent, JEFF PROHASKY.

Unhappy and Very Disappointed in Escondido