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J&R United Moving Solutions

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7231 Boulder Avemie #211
Highland , CA 92346
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(888) 492-7104



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Posted on 9/14/2018

This moving company are criminals

The movers company that moved us were very arrogant,unprofessional,lazy and rude. They were paid more money then they worked and they complained about moving everything and refused to move everything. They broke a lot of the glass and furniture and thought nothing about it. They stole a lot of our belongings and some of the things are not replaceable. They pretend that they were so good and that they would move everything. They also said that they would wrap our furniture so it would not be destroyed but they lied, they didn't wrap our furniture. They refused to move everything that we wanted them to move. They are not trustworthy and they are not good movers. They didn't move all of our furniture so I had to pay other movers to move the rest of our furniture. They are not reliable! They were suppose to show up in the morning but showed at noon. Jay made me pay upfront for 10 hours and the workers only worked for 7 hours and refused to take anything else. They were so focused on taking my small stuff in bags and small boxes instead of taking the big stuff like furniture. They broke soo much glass off our furniture,off of other items and then lefted that in our place. They did not wrap our furniture and I should of known something was alittle fishy when they wanted to move our stuff in plastic bags before big furniture. They stole soo much of our stuff. I'm still in tears of what all they stole. They were very loud, telling people our business and what we had. I asked some of our neighbors did they see anything and they said they were going through the bags and putting things in a empty bag and was putting those bags on the side of my place . So that means they were hiding them in the bushes so I couldn't see the bag. I had went outside and seen one bag in the bushes and question one of them on why was that bag in the bushes and asked where were all the purses in the bag and that person played "dumb! I asked my neighbors why they didn't tell me sooner and they said that they thought those were relatives and friends moving us, so they didn't think anything of it. Their was also this car parked right where everything was being put in the truck and the movers had soo much of our stuff sitting on the side of the moving truck and I seen the car pop their trunk and I walked towards the car which was 2 guys in and they zoomed off. They were probably was sent to pick up bags of our stuff that the movers had stole of ours. One of my neighbors said that they seen that car also. The movers refused to take a lot of our big furniture and we had to pay some other movers to move the rest of our furniture. I think they picked my lock and stole tote bags with stuff in one of the closets. They stole my expensive GE surge protectors,2 of my Tv's,my car Tv's,stole my photo printer out of its box and probably put in a bag,stole clothes,shoes,jackets,my cellphone,purses,a lot of jewelry,my tote bag with.all my music and DVDs in it.took some furniture. We made the big mistake of not watching them take our stuff to the moving truck because that is what gave them every opportunity to steal our stuff. These guys are thieves! This is not a good moving company. This was a couple of robes! They complained about us having too much stuff but You know what you have and a lot was stole out of each room. No matter how much someone has,if you were payed, you do the job and not go through people's belongings . They figured if you had a lot of stuff,you wouldn't miss some of the stuff that was stolen, but you know what you have!!!! We are a low income family and we worked hard to get some things And these stealers stole it. It will only be family now. We never want movers moving us again. It will only be relatives and close friends. I can't believe someone would have such a cold heart and take so much of someone's stuff . They even lefted ahead of us in the moving truck and we didn't know where they went and probably was to drop off stuff that was stolen. Their owner named JAY was a very mean person as well. These movers did so much wrong stuff that we should of called the police way ahead of time. I really hate I didn't call my cousins who are police officers! This company doesn't even deserve a one star.! I should of known when the owner Jay told us to leave the key and they'll move us while we are away but they did it right under neath us while we were home. I don't know how these criminals even got 5 stars. This moving company is a bunch of frauds and walked into our place asking for stuff.i hate we didn't send them on their way then. So since we wouldn't give them anything they figured they will steal it. One had a box with stuff in it and said a neighbor gave it to him...I should of called the police then but the resident gave me their surveillance on that day so now I will go from the there!

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J&R United Moving is your ultimate solution to all commercial and residential moving needs.

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