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Customer Reviews

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Posted on 7/23/2015

Incredible Experience!

The process was really great throughout! I set up my move in the matter of 30 minutes over the phone with Ryan. The guys in California was great to work with, very quick but proved to be very safe. I was worried based on some other reviews I saw that it would take a while to get to my home in Nashville, but they stayed in touch with me and got there 12 days after my pickup which is what I roughly anticipated. I understand that things can go wrong in this long moving process but I would give my stamp of approval on Presto any day of the week.

Posted on 7/9/2015

Completely Disorganized, Rude Customer Service, Financially Dishonest

I could not be more unimpressed with this service. After being quoted a delivery price from Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA for my 1 bedroom apartment with 2 couches and a king bed as my only furniture of $1260, the actual pick up price wound up being $2203. In contrast, the company I used to move down to Dallas from Seattle cost me $1600 for only a less items. I booked this delivery on 4/14/15, a full 39 days before my pickup date. I didn't receive a call until 4 days before my items were supposed to be picked up that I needed to move up my pickup date because they didn't have any delivery people willing to work that day. After signing my contract and placing a delivery date and address, Presto Logistics misread my date and attempted to deliver my items 6/8/15, 12 days before my earliest scheduled date. What's worse, they called me 6/3/15 to confirm that the earliest delivery date was supposed to be 6/22/15 and told me that they made sure to alert their delivery so it would be sent on the right time. I called the main office and they apologized and said they updated my account to reflect an earliest delivery date of 6/22/15. From that point on, I received no Email communication from Presto Logistics. On 7/9/15, my items had not yet been delivered so I called in to check on the status. Upon picking up the phone, Velma, the moving consultant at Presto Logistics, said that she had Emailed me 3 days prior saying that I owed a balance of $200 for additional storage and that they had no delivery address for the items. In my inbox, junk mail and deleted folders, I have absolutely zero emails from Presto Logistics since 5/19/15. When I explained what I had wrote above, she said that was impossible and that they would never do that, but she would need to check in. She also then said that I would need to pay $400 for 2 months storage instead of $200. She also did not have a copy of my contract in the main office, which is an astonishing sign of disorganization for a company who is tasked with holding thousands of dollars worth of people's lives. I am awaiting resolution of this situation, but this has been the absolute worst customer experience I have ever had with any company and any service.