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2000 South Dairy Ashford Street #170
Houston, TX 77077
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Posted on 10/17/2019

I just don't trust these guys...

To all of you who might be apprehensive about buying is my story about contacting Nationwide. So they sent me a mailer offering to sell me up to ten 1/10 ounce gold Eagles for $130 each or $1300 for ten (one ounce) with free shipping and no extra cost. Now a little history about me. I bought over a million dollars in gold from another bullion company and had bullion shipped to me and put in my vault in the big city. Problem is the guy running the company ran off with $25 million in customer's bullion and yes almost $500k of mine. As you might understand, I am very wary now and am checking out different bullion sales companies before making another big mistake. I recently sold some rental property because I think real estate is going down and gold will be going up. I am sitting on about $700k and am looking at where to buy more bullion.

So I called Nationwide when I got the come-on reservation flyer and a guy actually answered after hours and talked with me. I gave him my reservation number and he looked it up and said gee I don't see an expiration date on that reservation. That was great as the properties hadn't sold yet and I was watching the markets. Yesterday I called in with my reservation number and I get another guy. He says the reservation has expired. I ask if they will honor it anyway. NO is the answer BUT he can sell me the same products for a good price. Hmmm. So when I called again today I had the actual promotional flyer in front of me and spoke to a manager. Now neither of the recent people I spoke with could actually be considered friendly. This guy points out some fine print and by golly he tells me where to look and yes it had expired. No big deal really because we are just talking one ounce of gold. So I make up my mind not to go with these guys and tell the manager I was considering making a large purchase and he says that he hears that from a lot of people. So I say let's not waste any more of each other's time and end the call. OK, so actually they were right and the first guy I originally talked to, who I thought was the owner, misinformed me about the expiration. The manager was right. I was wrong. But it was the attitude and tone that he gave me that turned me off. The guys I talked to elsewhere were pretty darn friendly (especially K****) but I later called another online dealer and talked to a sales associate there. She set me up with an account - one that I can access on line (not true with Nationwide) and we talked prices, markups and fees. I am not putting all my eggs in one basket and am not buying everything I want all at once. We came up with an original purchase of around $25,000 with both gold and silver bullion in various denominations. I can just wire the funds. I will see how this goes before buying more. They also have free shipping and I did not find any shipping delays or complications in the reviews I read for them. You might want to try Nationwide. I don't trust them!

Posted on 7/29/2019

perfectly matching description

Thanks, received the 2000 d Sacagawea Gold Coin. Great price and totally accurate description, all good!