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Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve, Inc complaints

2000 South Dairy Ashford Street #170
Houston, TX 77077
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(877) 817-1220

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Our complaint history for this company shows that while the company did respond to the one complaint brought to the company’s attention, the response did not address the complainant’s allegations.

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1 complaints against Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve, Inc closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
1 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
0 Unanswered

1 complaints against Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve, Inc

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RESPONSE: Agreed to make an adjustment Amount in Dispute: $0.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


In spite of repeated requests to OPT OUT of their constant, harassing, postal marketing, they refuse to stop. I have called, waited on hold, only to be told (quite rudely) they have no idea who handles the mailing list, or it is a 3rd party who they are not allowed to reveal or just to contact the DMA. They have a contact form on their site that only allows you request their info. I cannot provide their city or state because they HIDE this information. Their phone number is 800-416-3964 Resolution Sought PERMANENT, OPT OUT request: 1. Inclusive of ALL postal on PERMANENT basis, NO exceptions. 2. Put on Do Not Sell, Rent, Share lists, including partners & affiliates.

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Company Response


I am the Compliance Director will be glad to assist with this issue. Please email me at your name, address and phone number so I can address this for you. You may call me as well on my company cell phone 346-269-4440 Donald Fogo Compliance Director

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Customer Rebuttal


Consumer states; When I called his number, several times the wireless customer is now available with no voice mail option. I just want to be taken off their mailing list permanantly, why didn't his response just say that he did this?

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